Epoxy is necessary for installation and available for purchase through Grind to A Halt, or you may provide your own.

Please Note: The drill and drill bits are the responsibility of the installer.

GrinderMinders should never be placed in the path of pedestrians.

EPX: Epoxy @ $ 19.95/cartridge (Sufficient for 25-30 pieces)

EPX GUN: Epoxy Dispensing Gun @ $ 36.90 each

EPX NOZ: Additional Nozzles @ $  1.75 each (recommended)

Grind to a Halt Grinderminder – Hemisphere (Hemi)
Cylinder GrinderMinder (Shown in Brushed Stainless Steel)

Hemisphere (Hemi) GrinderMinders and

Cylinder GrinderMinders

The sleek new Hemisphere (“Hemi”), design is based on the original GrinderMinder and features a sleek lower profile “half-dome” top.  The Cylinder GrinderMinder features a contemporary drum shape – clean and simple.  Just like the original GrinderMinder, they look great and secure well into edges of concrete or stone benches, walls and planters.

Hemi GrinderMinder (dome shape) Part Number:

  • GH1013N for Stainless Steel finish
  • GH1013B for Black Oxide finish


Cylinder GrinderMinder (drum shape) Part Number:

  • GC1013N for Stainless Steel finish
  • GC1013B for Black Oxide finish

Detail Sheet:  https://www.grindtoahalt.com/portfolio/cylider-grinderminder-product/

Installation Instructions:  https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GH.Installation-procedure-16-PDF.pdf


Sold by piece – order the quantity you need   $19.95 each

For Stainless Steel with a Black Oxide finish, add $1.00 each.

Grind To A Halt Grinderminders

Ball Shaped GrinderMinder

Our original design and very first product offering is the Ball GrinderMinder.  It is a 1″ stainless steel ball with a 1.25″ stem.  Once installed, the finished product should look like a stainless steel ball resting on the edge of the surface.  With this ball design, we recommend drilling at an angle into the concrete edge, which makes this design all the more secure, lessening the leverage of vandals trying to remove them.  The ball shape lends itself to both contemporary and traditional designs, complimenting your design.  The black oxide finish softens with time to resemble an antiqued bronze look.

Ball GrinderMinder Part Numbers:

  • GB1013N for Stainless Steel finish
  • GB1013B for Black Oxide finish
  • GB1017P for Brass finish, clear coated

Installation Instructions:

Download PDF   https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GH.Installation-procedure-16-PDF.pdf

Detail Sheet:  https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GH.Detail-GRINDERMINDER.pdf

Sold by piece = $19.95 each

  • For Stainless Steel with a Black Oxide finish, add $1.00 each.
  • For Brass with Clear Powder Coating = $26.95

Handrail Minders:

Handrail Minders are made from 6061 Aluminum (prepared for paint).
Kit includes: (1) Handrail Minder, (2) self-drilling and threading stainless steel screws.

We also recommend using Locktite® on screws to deter vandals.

Installation Instructions:  https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GH.HRM-Installation.pdf

Round HRM Detail Sheet:  https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GH.RD-HRM-detail.pdf

Flat HRM Detail Sheet:  https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GH.Flat-HRM-Detail-Sheet.pdf



Round Handrail Minders (1-5/8” O.D. Handrail) @ $29.90 each

Rectangle Handrail Minder (for flat-topped handrails) @ $29.90 each

Please call 1.630.365.2375 for pricing on custom sizes or materials.

Grind To A Halt Threaded Grinderminders

Threaded GrinderMinders:

GrinderMinders that are perfect for use on benches or thin /unusually shaped handrails. The 1” ball has a threaded hole on the underside that will accept a bolt.

Detail Sheet:   https://www.grindtoahalt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GrinderMinder_Threaded-Detail1.pdf

Installation Instructions:


Stainless Steel balls with threaded hole (Black Oxide finish) @22.40 each.
Bolts ordered separately, according to length specified.

Please call 1.630.365.2375 for pricing on custom sizes or materials.

2013. All prices quoted in U.S. dollars.