Epoxy Gun Extra Nozzles

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Extra dispensing nozzles for those times when you when you need to start with a clean dispenser and for breaks. (Epoxy is quick setting so it’s recommended to change nozzle every hour and after each break, normally order 1 extra nozzle for 2 cartridges of epoxy)

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* Epoxy Dispensing Guns & Epoxy Cartridges are REQUIRED for all NON-threaded GrinderMinders:

  • Extra nozzles are handy for fresh starts and after breaks
  • Epoxy is a quick drying, self-mixing epoxy that will install approx. 25 GrinderMinders.
  • Dispensing Gun: we sell the Dispensing Gun necessary and unique to this epoxy cartridge
  • Our epoxy is a high quality product that is easy to use, but you may also supply your own epoxy for any given project.