Installation for Handrail Minders

NOTE:  Our Handrail Minder will have an I.D. (Inside Diameter) that matches your handrail’s O.D. (Outside diameter).  Please confirm that you are ordering according to your handrail O.D.

  1. Place the Handrail Minder in the desired location on the top of the handrail.
  2. Mark the hole locations for installation.
  3. The screws that are supplied with your Handrail Minders are self-drilling and self-tapping screws. All you need to do is line up the screw with the marks you made and drive them in.
  4. After the screw is in, back it out a few rotations and apply a drop or two of Loctite on the threads and then drive the screw back into place.
  5. Space your next Handrail Minder approximately 3 feet from the first one and repeat the procedure.

Tool Checklist