Our story

Grind to a Halt, Inc. has been making and selling skateboard deterrents since 2002, and is a spin-off company from our precision machining business. Contracted by a local college and church to make skateboard deterrents for their properties, we put our machining expertise to work. We researched ideas, then fabricated a decorative and highly functional solution we named “GrinderMinders”.  Since then, Grinderminders have become popular among the property managing, landscaping and architectural communities. Requests for more and new styles encouraged us make the leap to developing Grind To A Halt, Inc.

Dedicated to quality and style

After our initial product was designed and installed, we continued to find unique solutions for a largely niche market. Research continued for designs of skateboard and bike deterrents revealing that competitive products lacked in aesthetics and style, and were easily removed by vandals. Property owners were eager to find attractive, durable deterrents. Architects, landscape architects, designers, contractors and property owners were interested in preserving and protecting their beautiful work from skateboard and bike damage without compromising their designs. GrinderMinders fulfilled all of these needs, and have been gaining the attention of industry professionals.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

A commitment to durability

When installed properly, these solid stainless steel pieces will be vandal resistant, and will never rust or leave metallic ‘bleeding’ stains on the stone. They artistically blend with any architectural or design style and can add visual interest. See our gallery for ideas

Grind to a Halt, Inc. takes pride in our personalized customer service and quick response to customers’ needs. Our standard products are usually kept in stock, and custom products can usually be supplied within 4 weeks.  Our skateboard deterrents have been purchased by municipalities, colleges and universities, private and public school districts, libraries and commercial properties throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.