Installation for Original, Hemisphere or Cylinder GrinderMinders

Recommended skateboard deterrent spacing is approximately every 3’.

  1. Drilling free-hand, drill a ½” diameter hole into the stone cap approximately 1 ½” deep.Note: The masonry drill should create a hole that is slightly over ½”diameter. This will allow room for the locking shim and epoxy.
    • A. For the Sphere GrinderMinder: hold the drill at an approximate 60˚ angle, and drill at least 1 1/2” deep, that the entire stem of the GrinderMinder can be inserted, leaving the end result attractive. When finished, the landscape feature should look as if it has stainless steel balls just resting on its edge.
    • B. For the Hemisphere GrinderMinder: hold the drill at a 90° angle to the surface, about ¾” in from the front edge of the surface. Drill hole approximately 1-1/2” deep. The entire stem of the GrinderMinder should be inserted so that the flat bottom of the Hemisphere GrinderMinder is flush with the surface, slightly set in from the edge of the wall or bench.
  2. Clear all debris from the drilled hole. A can of compressed air works well for this step.
  3. Place one piece of shim stock in the drilled hole on the side of the hole.
  4. Fill the hole approximately one-third full with epoxy.
  5. Insert the GrinderMinder into the hole and drive it into the hole using a rubber mallet.The ball end of the GrinderMinder should now be located on the top edge of the landscape feature.
  6. Carefully wipe any excess epoxy from the stone and GrinderMinder immediately!
  7. Repeat this process for each GrinderMinder to be installed. GrinderMinders should be installed at roughly 36” intervals. Be sure not to install GrinderMinders directly into a mortar joint, as they will be much easier for a vandal to remove.
  8. While GrinderMinders can be installed at any angle, installing them at a 60° angle does keep them more secure than installing them at a 90°, which would give vandals more leverage if they are trying to break the GrinderMinders from the edge.

Tool Checklist